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From establishing e-commerce ventures to expanding sales, and from enhancing productivity in order processing and logistics, we holistically address the challenges companies face in the e-commerce domain. Our experienced team closely collaborates with you, guiding your business towards the right direction for growth

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Expanding your business into Japan can be an excellent strategic move, particularly in the e-commerce market. It is a mature, stable and large lifestyle consumer market with robust infrastructure and an affluent, tech-savvy population. With a strategic approach tailored to the unique aspects of the Japanese market, including a deep understanding of its consumers and cultural nuances, local partnerships, and consideration of any regulatory hurdles, businesses can succeed and profit in this thriving economic landscape.

Team members

Kazuaki Kimura

Representative Director

Digital Marketing

With a rich background in Dentsu International Information Services and Deloitte Consulting, the CEO specializes in digital transformation and business marketing strategies. Notable achievements include leading growth initiatives and transforming sourcing strategies as the General Manager at Amazon Japan. Founded Mirai’s Japan in 2019, offering e-commerce consulting primarily for Amazon Japan.

Ryoichi Watanabe


Business Development

Over a decade of experience in financial planning, accounting, auditing, and SCM finance with major global companies. The business and system development background is evident in the instrumental role played in establishing a quick commerce business in Japan with a Korean e-commerce company and developing key logisitics applications. This unique blend of financial acumen and business development expertise serves as a vital asset in the financial and operational landscape.

Shohei Taniguchi

Executive Officer



A decade of air freight industry experience has honed expertise in supply chain management and distribution. Responsibilities have encompassed leading new project planning, introducing demand forecasting and productivity management methods, and gaining experience in warehouse design and relocation. Strong connections with related government agencies, courier companies, and warehouse companies, and a rich experience in quality control and compliance, are notable achievements.

About Japan

Japan E-commerce Market

Robust Economy & Digital Savvy Consumers

~Japan's high-tech infrastructure and affluent consumers make it an attractive market~

Japan is the third-largest economy in the world, with a consumer base that is tech-savvy and has high purchasing power. Its e-commerce market is worth over $100 billion and continues to grow annually, due in part to increased mobile activity and internet penetration. Furthermore, Japan has an advanced infrastructure, sound legal and intellectual property protection framework, and the government strongly supports the digital economy development.

Discerning and Loyal Customers

~Lower return rates due to meticulous purchasing decisions emphasize Japanese loyalty and quality-consciousness~

Japanese customers are discerning, detail-oriented and quality conscious. They do price comparison, read reviews and purchase from websites with high reputation. Return rates in Japan tend to be lower than in Western markets, due to careful purchasing decisions and cultural reluctance to return items unless they’re defective. Japanese customers also value excellent customer service, so quick delivery and quality support are key factors for the success.

Unique Market Challenges

~Overcome language barriers, cultural nuances and competition with insider knowledge~

While Japan boasts a lucrative market, potential challenges include language barriers, unique business etiquette, high competition within the domestic market, and consumers’ adherence to local brands. Moreover, a thorough understanding of unique legal regulations and business norms in Japan is necessitated.

Localized Market Entry

~Successful integration into established Japanese e-commerce platforms with fully localized content~

Selling through popular local e-commerce platforms like Rakuten, Amazon Japan, Yahoo! Shopping Japan is often recommended as a starting point due to their massive user base and existing trust. However, a standalone online shop can also be considered for long-term branding. Make sure to provide a seamless shopping experience, and fully localized contents to meet the high standard of the Japanese market.

Why Using an EC Operating Agent?

EC Operating Agent for Accelerated Entry

~Navigate market entry efficiently by utilizing an agent's local expertise handling all aspects of e-commerce operations~

MiRise Japan can provide valuable local market knowledge and quickly activate sales channels via its connections and expertise. We can navigate the unique cultures, language, and regulations, ensuring a faster and more efficient market entry. MiRise Japan also offers full-service solutions that manage everything from listing, customer service, warehousing, shipping, to managing returns, allowing you to focus on your core business. Using MiRise Japan will also provide insights into customer behavior patterns, local trends, and competitors’ activities.

1. Keyword Search Techniques

Understanding consumer behaviour in different markets involves understanding how they search for products. In Japan, search term techniques exhibit unique characteristics that may differ from other markets. An e-commerce operating agent understands these patterns and can immensely improve the visibility and searchability of your product by optimizing your listing with the right keywords. They can help you leverage SEO techniques tailored to the Japanese market, ensuring your product ranks higher in search results and attracts more potential customers.

2. Local 3PL (Third Party Logistics) Selection

The logistics ecosystem, including warehousing, delivery, and returns, is key to your business success. An e-commerce operating agent has a deep understanding of the local 3PL providers and can help you select the right supplier for your business needs. They can deal with the complex processes, price negotiations, and monitor quality to ensure smooth operation and timely delivery to increase your customer satisfaction.

3. High-Quality Customer Service

Japanese customers expect high standards when it comes to customer service. An e-commerce operating agent can provide native, professionally-trained Japanese customer service staff who understand the local culture, customs, and language nuances. This allows for excellent, localized customer service ensuring queries and complaints are handled swiftly and efficiently. The superior customer service will not only retain existing customers but also helps earn the trust of new customers, positively affecting your brand’s reputation and your bottom line.

Our Services

EC Operation Management Service

Comprehensive management of e-commerce operations on popular platforms such as Rakuten, Yahoo Japan, and Amazon Japan. Includes everything from product listing to promotional activities, ensuring maximum audience reach

Shopify Site Development Service

Specialized in creating cost-efficient and attractive Shopify sites fully localized for the Japanese market. This service ensures that brands stand out and appeal to local consumers, providing a seamless shopping experience

Logistics and Cross-border E-commerce Service

Unparalleled logistics support and cross-border e-commerce services provided through strong partnerships with local 3PL providers. This service ensures optimal and timely storage, handling, and delivery of products, enhancing customer satisfaction

Order Processing and Customer Support Service

A cost-effective solution for seamless order processing, handled by local Japanese staff. This service ensures a smooth purchasing experience for customers, from order confirmation to shipping arrangement

Case example

Turkish company with 15 years experience in bentonite mining and cat litter production. MiRise Japan helped the company to setup Amazon, Rakuten, Yahoo, and Shopify site. We are providing wing-to-wing operations for Mcl Bentonite to be successful in Japan.

MiRise Japan achivements:

– Successfully launched overseas pet products in Japan.

– Marketed a brand with no prior recognition as a high-end product.

– Achieved the top share in the premium cat litter category on Amazon within two years.

– Implemented sales strategy on platforms like Amazon and Rakuten, and operated own EC site through Shopify.

– Managed operations from import customs clearance to same-day shipping.

– Conducted CRM operations and segment-specific flyer insertion operations.

– Operated social media including Instagram and handled advertising.

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